How To Improve Performance Effectively And Efficiently In 7 Steps

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Cara Tingkatkan Kinerja Dengan Efektif Dan Efisien Dalam 7 Langkah
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How to Increase Performance Effectively and Efficiently in 7 Steps – In order for your work to be completed on time, you need to be aware of how to work efficiently as below. But remember, don’t forget to practice it, OK!

Here’s How To Improve Performance Effectively And Efficiently In 7 Steps

1. Prioritize work

The first way to work efficiently is to choose priorities in each of your jobs. Determine which tasks are the most priority and which do not really need to be completed immediately.

That way, you are able to focus on completing each task and job one by one without the need to fantasize about others.

2. Manage time together well to be productive forever

Another efficient way to work that you need to know is to have good time management. Think about how much time you need to spend to complete a job.

If you are able to adjust your time together well, all the work will definitely be completed on time.

3. Communication is important

Being in the world of work, it means you will not work alone. Whether you’re working with a team, with a client, or with a boss, you’re bound to be in touch with other people.

One of the steps to work efficiently that you need to carry out is to establish good communication with your co-workers.

Because when you are able to establish good communication together, you will shorten the time and avoid misunderstandings that often run in teamwork.

So, you don’t have to repeat the same job just because of miscommunication.

4. Create and follow routines

Humans have a body clock that is formed by habits. Whether it’s eating hours, sleeping hours, or working hours. So, in order for work to run efficiently, you need to create your own work routine.

Because when you have a routine, you can complete each task quickly because you don’t have to think much.

5. Change your way of thinking

The next way to work efficiently is to make changes to your mindset or mindset together. Instead of thinking of work or work pressure as a negative thing, you can make work pressure a positive thing for your career advancement.

By thinking positively and making changes to your thinking steps, you will be able to do better at work. Not only can you finish faster, your work can also get better results.

6. Get rid of distractions

In order for you to be able to focus more, you need to eliminate problems that can hinder your work. Objects that mostly interfere with the performance of most employees are cell phones.

If you constantly play your cell phone at work, when will your work be finished?

So, get rid of these small objects, you can put them in a desk drawer or in your bag. Make a pact with yourself that the new cell phone can be held at lunchtime.

7. Managing stress

Stress can cause physical and mental problems which in turn can hinder your performance. That’s why always manage and relieve stress by doing activities such as exercising, reading, listening to music, yoga or doing hobbies outside of work hours.

In addition, you can manage stress by increasing control over your mood, if by making a list of tomorrow’s work plans from the night before. That way you realize what you want the next day.


That’s How To Improve Performance Effectively And Efficiently In 7 Steps

Work that is not completed on time is sometimes not because there are too many, but you are not able to adjust your work well. So that your work activities run smoothly, try practicing some of the steps to work efficiently above, yes.

Good luck!

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